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Sunday, 16 February 2014

As I think: Human Instinct

As I think: Human Instinct

"Highly excellent people are a sucker for their instincts. They don’t cater to what others expect of them – their compass always points toward what they expect from themselves." - One of the 14 Habits Of Highly Excellent People

My personal experience is that instinct is extremely important. All animals have natural instincts. They protect themselves with the help of these instincts. Unfortunately we modern day humans moved so far away from our instincts. When we face certain unknown situations we misunderstand the signals stemming out of our instincts as mental confusion!

Because we forgot how to process our instincts, we fail to see the impending dangers when dealing with certain conditions and with certain individuals. We fall into vicious traps and feel bad after we lost our sanity in the whole transaction. I learned hard lessons by experimenting with my instincts. That is why I keep very very far away from some individuals. It is not any hatred... It is just that I don't want to get hurt myself. Meditation helps us to fine tune into our body and soul - it helps us to process our instincts. A person with instinct gets very successful. Ancient Hindu Rajayoga books say: "When you think you are mentally confused, look into your heart and see the signals coming from your instinct. Meditate for some time if you think you are still confused... Descend into the well of your heart (hrudaya kuhara). Use a rople called meditation. You will see your reflections there... Drink the magic water of your instincts. Come out and FIGHT..." -Madhava Turumella

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