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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Happy to receive 'Nine Jewels of Indian Culture in UK Award'

August 15th 2013

Ceremony to recognise and reward achievements in spreading Indian culture in the UK and excellence in various fields of Indian culture to change to lives of people and to make society a better place.

I am humbled to receive the honour as one of the 'Nine Jewels of Indian Culture in UK' from the hands of Brahmasri Bhupendrabhai Pandyaji. My heartfelt thanks to Dhruv Chhatralia and all volunteers and sponsors.

August 16th is the birthday of my wife Mrs. Nimishi Turumella. Nimishi equally deserves to share this honour with me. It is her whole hearted love, dedication and support that is making me receive this honour today. I also thank all friends and well wishers in the Indian community for their support. Happy birthday Nimishi and Happy independence day to India. :-)

Love & Light,
Madhava Turumella
Vice-President, London & South - Hindu Forum of Britain
This year, with the support of the organisations CMS, BT, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Shell, we will be giving out honours to 5 of the 9 individuals or groups whose dedication to spreading Indian culture in the UK has been outstanding.

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