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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Why Indian Government is not interested in fighting corruption - My speech during protest

Chanakya Said – Corruption must be stopped at the highest authorities.  You may wonder why!

We must stop the highest authorities from being corrupt.  We must set an example out of them.  India has been a great nation for a very long time.  Columbus wanted to discover sea route to India, did you ever wonder why?!  It is because India was very wealthy.  But this is not the case any more.

Government of India wanted to know how many people are actually not having a descent meal a day.  So they invited a committee to find this out.  This committee is called Tendulkar Committee. This committee in its report stated that that 40% of  population in India are BELOW poverty line! Isn’t that a shame?! Those who eat less than 2100 calories of food a day are called below poverty.

All of you know for a healthy body to function on an average you require 2400 calories of food.  That is just to do your day to day activities such as walking at normal pace, eating, talking etc., if you get below that level then the body starts cannibalizing.  It starts eating itself.  People become sick, they suffer from anemia. The Indian government spends only 1 per cent of its gross domestic product on healthcare facilities, forcing millions to struggle to get medicines, Oxfam and 62 other agencies said this in a report called: Your Money or Your Life last year.

Every day 20000 people die in India.  This is a human rights problem. Every human has a right to life guaranteed by Indian constitution, yet in reality we let people die.

There are 450 million Indians living in poverty in India this is the official admission of the Prime Minister of India. More over only 60% ever bother to vote in India.

India is rich with mineral resources.  It exports a lot of that stuff to the world.  But this money is being siphoned off by the top brass. There is a huge conspiracy behind this.

‘National Election Watch’ in its report stated that If you are worth Rs.50 million, you are 75 times more likely to win the elections to the Lok Sabha (Parliament of India) than if you are worth under Rs.1 million. The 543 MPs of the current Lok Sabha are worth Rs.80 billion.  So Indian Parliament has become a Rich man’s club.

So there is basically an artificial vacuum that is being created.  40% of Indian electorate are kept under poverty through the means of corruption so that their votes, their loyalty can be bought.  And I believe it is for this reason Indian Elite, the people who are in power, mercilessly attacked the peaceful protesters.

Deliberately keeping the people in poverty will serve the vested interests.  These 40% of Indians go to vote once in every 5 years. And you all know that during Elections Liquor, Money flow on the streets.  Elections are often bought.  And Politics is a very lucrative business in India.  Basically by keeping these 40% of electorate under poverty, politicians in India are buying the
elections.  A person who is hungry will show his loyalty not to the state, but to the person who gave him a Rs500 note.  And so is the power calculation.

It is known that in recent by-elections in India money was spent by all major parties.   News archives will confirm this fact.  It was estimated that around Rs. 200 Million spent over night by various parties to buy the votes of the poor.

Congress Party politicians say they are elected representatives.  But what kind of election is it?  How could there be a fair election, when people of India especially 40% of Indian electorate are living below the poverty line?   It is a known fact that Money and liquor flows during the election time.  It is this poverty stricken people who are being enticed.  Our vedic culture teaches people to be loyal!  It teaches not to bite the hand that feeds you.  So the corrupt politicians bribe the electorate, they feed the electorate.  They buy the loyalty,  and they get back in to power.   This exploitation has to stop.

It is now clear that the government is not helping the poor.  So in the name of helping the poor NGOs do a  very big business.  Billions of Dollars every year gets in to India in the name of charity.  But again you all know this money is not being used to remove the poverty.  My friends, I feel that there is a two pronged approach to undermine the independence of India.

(1) Allow the highest authorities to stash away money illegally and deny the basic needs for the 40% of Indians.

(2) Allow NGOs to target these 450 Million Indians.  Show their begging faces, go to USA, UK and developed countries to beg their money, tell the sad stories of poverty.

So it is time to wake-up.... You must see the reasons why Indian government is not interested in fighting corruption.  Corruption allows two things:

(1) Steal away the money that is rightfully belong to Indian public and keep 40% people below poverty line.  Buy their loyalty in throw away prices, securing your victory all the time

(2) Allow NGOs to thrive in India.   90% of these NGOs are not there to help the poor, they are really there for ---- you know for what!!!

So to counter the effects of corruption, to save regularly 20000 humans from unnecessary untimely death,  Indian Citizens wanted to have a strong Anti-corruption bill, Baba Ramdev wanted to bring back the black money.    But Indian Government has offered maximum resistence to these legitimate demands.    So in protest Baba Ramdev asked his supporters to gather in peace.  Indian Constitution gives a right to protest under Article 19A.

Instead of protecting the constitutional rights of the Indian citizen, which is the first and foremost duty of any elected Government, the government of India had mercilessly beaten all protesters who are exercising their democratic right to protest.  Alas! Little did they know that there is no such thing called Democracy!  In an election that was contested on wrong grounds it is false democracy that thrives, it has really become not a democracy but what Henry Kissinger had famously stated ‘it is an organized chaos’.

We must fight, I am convinced my friends, if we make fighting corruption our sole aim, we help building a real Bharat.  So let us stand together.... Jai Hind...


  1. People who Struggle to get their basic needs think like an animal, their mind only thinks about food, Sex & shelter, that's the reason why our politicians wants maintain the 40% of the people under BPL, they are their vote banks, they can be easily bought for 500rs, All we need is to take back their money power and they are like Street dogs anyone can stone them. we need to nationalize the Black money and stop Circulation of 500rs-100rs Notes.

  2. ravindra khadpekar(maharashtra24 June 2011 at 13:41

    Mr Madhav, firstly I congratulate u for delivering a protest speech.
    These days i feel that British rule was better.Their law and administration was several times better than us. They exploited India's wealth.OK.Our people perhaps r exploiting more.That also without providing law and order!Why u r in UK now?Think!